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satellite imagery - achieve a unique visual perspective

Flyht Studio has collaborations with their US and European counterparts to provide the best rates for updated satellite images.

This allows us to offer a broad range of satellite imagery services for any location, which includes Electro-Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR).
With SAR offers an all weather, day and night data acquisition capabilities and supports a broad range of applications that requires precision and accuracy. Worry no more about unpredictable weather conditions such as rain or cloud cover.
We can tailor acquisition schedules to meet a broad range of needs regardless of the area of interest. We understand that situational awareness in real time can be an important factor in your project, thus we are able to advise on specific monitoring solutions for a broad range of applications. 

Get the images you need to captivate the audiences of your next news broadcast, science program, or blockbuster.