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leaders in Drone Aerial photography & videography 

Flyht Studio is an award-winning, innovative leader in drone aerial photography and videography based in Singapore. Our work is underpinned by technology, design development and implementation expertise; we never stop pioneering creative techniques, and pushing the boundaries to offer world-class drone solutions for global businesses and agencies worldwide. 


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Creativity with a commercial angle is our focus. With Flyht Studio’s expertise in operating specialty camera equipments such as motion control and digitally stabilized systems, we are no stranger to producing high quality content for film, TV, commercial and digital content for more than 10 years and counting. We can execute all aspects of your drone aerial videography or photography requirements including but not limited to insurance, permits, flight directors, art directors, and camera technicians.
All our pilots have undergone extensive training in operating drones and work only to the highest safety standards, with approval granted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.

Commercial Photography

Our team is highly skilled in commercial photography, achieving Honourable mentions at the International Photography Awards (IPA).


Flyht Studio utilizes an advanced Cable Cam system to enable filming across rough terrains, over crowds in live events, broadcasts, or feature films that need higher capacity payloads.  If you require exciting footages from a mountain biking event, or documentary shoots in the jungle or woods, our team can do the job!


Our expertise in re-engineering and building customized drones is second to none. Whether you have a event that requires spectacular lighting effects or require a drone to engage with the crowds, we have all the knowledge, skill and passion to create more than just a memorable event for your audience.


Our advanced retouching and editing services will bring your raw footages to life. Our inhouse technicians will do whatever it takes so that you receive videos and images of the highest quality and beauty.


One of our specialty services, Flyht Studio have the equipment and skills to filming in a hostile and complex environment. We go where the faint hearted don't to capture footages required for press, online media and more.
Our team of security operators consists of ex-special forces with filming experience in the Middle East, Africa and other hostile areas in the world. 


We provide great stock footages if you find that all you require is a generic image or video. Contact us here to access our archives.