Motion Control Equipment


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Cable Cam Technology

At the forefront of the latest cinematography techniques, we utilize advanced Cable Cam systems, enabling filming across rough terrains, over crowds in live events, broadcasts, or feature films that need higher capacity payloads. The Cable Cam system can carry large selection of cameras to shoot amazing photos at nearly impossible locations and angles that other systems cannot. Compatible to all DJI and Freefly gimbals. 

* Point to Point Filming
* Indoor or Outdoor
* Live Broadcast
* Fully Gyro Stabilised Footage
* Safe Over Crowds
* Heavy Lift
* Live Downlink


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Crane Systems

We have custom-built gimbal with wireless camera controls to be used on industrial cranes. Where drones are restricted or if you're using a heavy camera payload that require long operating durations and more safety, we can use cranes at locations where suitable. Our operator controls the camera from the ground through a motorised gimbal, using remote control and live video feed by watching the image on the monitor.


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Remote Control Cars

Our remote control cars allow for an extremely dynamic low camera angle coupled with full 3 axis control for any stabiliser/gimbal to create unique shots not possible by any other methods. With advanced wire rope isolator and customised suspension tuning, we have achieved amazing shots with high stability.

Flyht Studio is also one of the first in the world to provide an ultra slow version, suitable for timelapses ( >1cm/hour), and do away with rails or a slider! Less setup time = more shooting. We have highly specialised operators who can create dynamic perspectives you've never seen before!

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Car Mount Systems

Our versatile car mount tremendously reduces the amount of time necessary and the complexity involved with mounting a vibration isolator system to a vehicle.

This is a lightweight and reliable solution and usually requires no additional grip and rigging hardware to implement. Other vibration isolator systems rely extensively on third party rigging and hardware which drastically increases the setup time and increases the cost of a working system. Our 8 customised magnetic mount is capable of managing more than 300 kg of pulling force with our versatile setup. Contact us to learn more about the different ways you can configure and utilize our car mounts for your projects.


Want more than the usual boring aerial footages? These equipments go where drones can't. Contact us to find out more!